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Wednesday 11/8 Ratings
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Author:  Jonathan [ Fri Nov 10, 2006 1:44 am ]
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getluv wrote:
Riggs27 wrote:
How was Alias doing during each of it's seasons??

You have to remember this shows time slot was changed nearly every year. I don't have exact figure, but i'd imagine season 1 was averaging something like 14m, 11m in s2 and it fell to 8m in the third season but recovered in season 4 to about 11m when it was moved to Wednesday after Lost. Season 5, moved to Thursday where it died a horrible death. Episodes usually amassed 7.5m viewers. But if ALIAS was kept on Wednesday's since season 4, it'll still be beating 7.5m viewers.

It stayed on Sundays @ 9 for its first three seasons, then moved to Wednesdays @ 9 when DH found much, much stronger success in that timeslot. That's not nearly every year.

As for the season numbers (THe first three seasons are from my Entertainment Weekly collection):

Season 1 - 9.7 million viewers (Ranked #55)
S2 - 9.0 (#72)
S3 - 8.2 (#70)
S4 - 10.4 (#39)

Sorry, I can't find the fifth season.

The show had three seasons to prove itself in a single timeslot, and failed. It got okay numbers after Lost, but you can hardly blame ABC for believing that losing 40% of Lost's audience wasn't ideal. If it wasn't going to catch on by then, t never would. The fact that it made it as far as it did was completely ABC holding out hope.

Author:  Christian [ Fri Nov 10, 2006 2:04 am ]
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I think Wikipedia entry for Alias has the fifth season around 6 million or so.

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