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Force Arena Mobile Game - OKLAHOMA
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Author:  nghtvsn [ Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Force Arena Mobile Game - OKLAHOMA

Hello team members. This is amexforcearena here. I've created this simple document in order to track team weekly objective totals and donation totals. This will allow us to review active players and also promote competition within the team each week.

You should be able to view the document via this link:

As far as the team, the unbreakable Blackcrow is the official Master as I am an appointed one. I started playing this game maybe a year ago when I happened to be introduced to it while standing in line waiting to watch a free screening of some movie. I was did I not know of this game because it was so much more interesting and fun to play than Force Commander which while nice in the beginning it was so ridiculous in terms of leveling things. You know what I mean if you've played it, so I quit that and now I play this and looks like they'll be updating it for the foreseeable future. Thank heavens.

Now, not everyone needs to be from Oklahoma to be in here but I happen to be. I've been on this website posting for a long time so what better place to put this link where we can all find it and check it out. I encourage you to join the world of kj site if you like discussing films and commenting about box office or whatever.

(currently there is a issue with registration, hopefully that is fixed soon)

Thanks for your attention

UPDATE 06/25/2018

Discord Channel - Oklahoma ForceArena


If you had no contribution to the team goal last week please make an effort this week.
For any new members, remember you must complete the goals and donate the first three weeks to avoid possible removal.
A pre-welcome to the many many new team members we will add this week.

We completed Stage 10 with 131151 units killed but that was a drop of 7.49% from the previous units killed mark of 141719 and 31.75% off our team record of 192173.

Gratz to DarthWkurw, Devinjedisith and Zachattack84 for completing the new member requirements. Thank You!

Units killed Top 3 Team Mission Leaderboard
Ace 1000 - 20392
amexforceareana - 11102
Kind151 - 11046

Leaders killed Top 3 Team Mission Leaderboard
Ace1000 - 1054
Kind151 - 845
Aproudneegro - 638

Turrets Destroyed Top 3 Team Mission Leaderboard
Ace1000 - 504
jchronic - 427
ourmilkyway - 304

Author:  nghtvsn [ Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Force Arena Mobile Game - OKLAHOMA

Current Expectations for NEW Team Members:

1. You must be active for three weeks
2. You must meet the team goals of 25 Turrets/ 25 Leaders/ 1000 Units.
3. You must donate cards

If you fail to meet any of these requirements during your initial three weeks you will be removed.

After the three weeks you will still be expected to meet these goals but immediate removal will not be applied. If you will be gone more than 7 days you must post that in the game chat or here if you like.

Thank you for your attention and Welcome to the Team.

I also invite you to join this site and post about movies, film, box office, sports, whatever.

Author:  nghtvsn [ Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Force Arena Mobile Game - OKLAHOMA

Sadly this mobile game is closing up shop Mar 2019.

I can't believe this fun, fast paced game with a variety of characters and tactics is gonna be history. Apparently Netmarble lost the rights to SW mobile games to Zynga or something. Hopefully they make another version of this.

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