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 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6 

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 Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6 
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Post Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6 [2001]


Season 6 WB

101.   6- 1     6ABB01      2 Oct 01   Bargaining (1)
102.   6- 2     6ABB02      2 Oct 01   Bargaining (2)
103.   6- 3     6ABB03      9 Oct 01   After Life
104.   6- 4     6ABB04     16 Oct 01   Flooded
105.   6- 5     6ABB05     23 Oct 01   Life Serial
106.   6- 6     6ABB06     30 Oct 01   All The Way
107.   6- 7     6ABB07      6 Nov 01   Once More, With Feeling
108.   6- 8     6ABB08     13 Nov 01   Tabula Rasa
109.   6- 9     6ABB09     20 Nov 01   Smashed
110.   6-10     6ABB10     27 Nov 01   Wrecked
111.   6-11     6ABB11      8 Jan 02   Gone
112.   6-12     6ABB12     29 Jan 02   Doublemeat Palace
113.   6-13     6ABB13      5 Feb 02   Dead Things
114.   6-14     6ABB14     12 Feb 02   Older and Far Away
115.   6-15     6ABB15     26 Feb 02   As You Were
116.   6-16     6ABB16      5 Mar 02   Hell's Bells
117.   6-17     6ABB17     12 Mar 02   Normal Again
118.   6-18     6ABB18     30 Apr 02   Entropy
119.   6-19     6ABB19      7 May 02   Seeing Red
120.   6-20     6ABB20     14 May 02   Villains
121.   6-21     6ABB21     21 May 02   Two to Go (1)
122.   6-22     6ABB22     21 May 02   Grave (2)


Thu Jan 01, 2009 5:46 pm
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Post Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6
Yay! My personal favorite season. The musical episode "Once More With Feeling" is absolutely brilliant - my favorite episode of this series ever and a perfect example of what television can actually accomplish. It's just pure brilliance. In addition, the rest of the season itself is great. Buffy coping with being brought back from the dead and her connection with Spike was great - and the attempted rape scene in "Seeing Red" was terrifying and tragic to watch. In addition, I loved the development of Willow and Tara's relationship and its tragic end - sending Willow over to the dark side for the final few episodes of the season. It was handled perfectly and Alyson Hannigan's work this season was her best ever by far. Anyways, this season is an example of "Buffy" at its best - it's a shame the next and final season was such a disappointment. A+

Thu Jan 01, 2009 7:33 pm
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Post Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6
My favourite season of Buffy as well.

It really separated casual and hardcore fans. Though i think there are some definitely weak episodes in the early stages of the season, i think it just goes from strength to strength.

Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:02 pm
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Post Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6
Not to sound like a broken record here, but this is also my favorite season of BtVS. A++

The thing I love about this season was the bleakness, unpleasantness, and overall darkness that no one could escape from. This was definitely the most ho-hum year, from the character's POV, in terms of villainy but they all had so much personal shit to deal with that even small things like the Trio posed more of a problem then they probably would have earlier.

S4 introduced the whole "what now?" of post-High School existence but for S4 and S5 there were always the safety nets of Joyce and Giles. While I was super sad to see Giles go (then come back and go again) it was really necessary for everyone to stretch their wings. Plus, if he hadn't left again pre-midseason he couldn't have made the completely and utterly awesome comeback that he did.

Dawn didn't bother me at all, really, as I mostly found her actions and motivations understandable but then again I have a teenage sister so I've experienced much of that (inluding the kleptomania!) on a personal level.

While Sarah Michelle Gellar has stated that she's not a huge fan of S6 Buffy and feels Buffy gets lost somehow for a while I have to disagree but applaud her for still doing such an amazing job. The despondant and thoroughly joyless Buffy of early in the year was fascinating to me and Buffy's post-post-mortem humor never gets old. Never ever. I love Buffy's new hair also.

Then things get even better when she embarks on the truly sexually sordid and occasionally violent/disturbing relationship with Spike. Their first sexual encounter in that abandoned house is...words cannot describe it. Go watch.

Not to be mean here, but I also think that Xander getting kind of fat due to his extreme wedding stress was fairly true to life. I don't like that he left Anya at the altar, though, as I think it's so cliche and BtVS is better than that. If Xander and Anya had to be broken up, which is disagree with but whatever, then I think something else could have been done to acheive that.

This was defintely the Willow/Tara season. Willow's descent into dark magic starting in the very first episode of the year and culminating with her turn to Dark Willow was very effective and while I know it's only one line way back at the end of S2 I love the forshadowing of when Giles expresses his concerns to Willow about doing the spell to re-ensoul Angel as it "could open a door [she] may not be able to close". In terms of Tara, I like how she really forged relationships outside of Willow this year in Buffy and Dawn. Especially the Buffy/Tara one. The scene where Buffy breaks down to Tara is one of my favorites.

While there were no gods or mayors or even demons, really, as the villains this year the regularity of the Troika was awesome. They were just two geeks playing bad guys and one messed up misogynist with serious blood-lust who managed to end up doing a lot of damage. The end to "Seeing Red" always jumps to my mind as one of, if not THE, best episode endings ever. The shooting was just so sudden, so out of nowhere, and so human.

I like Anya having a friend outside of the group in Halfrek. It was fun to get some insight into Anya's past as a vengeance demon, as well as the future of being one again after she was jilted by Xander.

I feel like I haven't given enough reason why this would be my favorite season, but it's everything I mentioned and how well it all meshed together over the course of the year. Aside from the left-at-the-altar BS there wasn't a misstep in my eyes.

Oh yeah, also, BUFFY THE MUSICAL!

Best Episodes: After Life, Life Serial, Once More, With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Smashed, Dead Things, Two to Go, Grave

Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:59 pm

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Post Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6
This for me is also my favorite season of Buffy. It's just, very different from the usual Buffy template, for me. The musical episode, of course, was brilliantly done. Great fun. I was not the biggest fan of the season opener, I don't think it needed to be almost two hours long but obviously the season 5 finale caused a bit of confusion.

This was Buffys, oh I don't know, 10th time dieing and it's a little awkwardly paced at first but then when we get Emo-Buffy, it's really well done. To see her coping with coming back to life and struggling to be happy, it was really great work and SMG's work was excellent (this whole season she was stellar, top of her game).

Like I mentioned in the season 4 thread, from that point on it became Willows show. Slowly. By this point though, she was just a beast. I loved Dark Willow, I loved rehabilitated-ish Willow. I loved rebellious Willow. Hannigan owned, especially when Tara dies (which, I was completely shocked when it happened. Did not see it coming).

Anya was also fantastic this season, I loved her so much. Yes, she was great comedic relief but when she was jilted by Xander (who was also great this season, and I love that he got into construction and was useful when there were repairs needed lol) it showed such a different side from her. I loved it.

This season is very dark, most specifically though, the almost rape scene with Buffy and Spike. I was completely thrown by it but also just enthralled. SMGs work was stunning. SMG become a sex beast with Spike this season was also, very, enjoyable. I love this season a lot, the SFX improved, the writing, the darkness, the magic, everything. OH AND SMG DID EVEN MORE OF HER OWN STUNTS!

Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:43 pm
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Post Re: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 6
Now that I binge watched the show.

This is my favorite season. Everyone is so depressed that it's hard to watch, especially Seeing Red.

Dark Willow slays. <3


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